Bleeding hemorrhoids pictures

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Bleeding hemorrhoids pictures
Bleeding hemorrhoids pictures
Bleeding hemorrhoids, a closer look

Bleeding hemorrhoids is no doubt one of the worst forms of hemorrhoids. However, not every bleeding is caused by hemorrhoids. It is recommended that you check with a qualified medical practitioner to find out the cause for your bleeding. Bleeding hemorrhoids are less common when an individual is suffering from external hemorrhoids, though the possibility cannot be entirely ruled out. Sometimes problems such as fistulae, fissures, abscess, itching, or irritation may also result in bleeding akin to symptoms in hemorrhoids. Bleeding hemorrhoids more commonly signal internal hemorrhoids.

Causes of bleeding hemorrhoids

Internal hemorrhoids take place within the lower intestine passage. This usually occurs when excessive pressure is applied to pass stools down. The veins that line the lower intestine walls get engorged with excess blood causing it to swell out. Some of the potential causes of internal hemorrhoids leading to bleeding are:

  • Constipation and consequent straining during passing stool. Lack of dietary fiber and inadequate consumption of water are known to aggravate constipation
  • Very delicate and weak walls of the veins in the lower intestine
  • Portal vein hypertension
  • High consumption of alcohol and caffeine
  • Prolonged sitting
  • Excess weight
  • Diarrhea
  • Aging
  • Lifting of heavy weights
  • Pregnancy
  • Childbirth
  • Hereditary factors
Symptoms of bleeding hemorrhoids

Bleeding hemorrhoids cause lot of discomfort to the sufferers. Bleeding from internal hemorrhoids is usually noticed during bowel movements. Oozing of bright, fresh red blood can be scary for any individual. The condition gets worsened on account of constipation. External hemorrhoids result in blood dripping through the anus, while in case of internal hemorrhoids fresh blood may be commonly found in the stools. Along with bleeding, hemorrhoids can also result in itching, swelling and excruciatingly painful bowel movement. Normal day to day activities of an individual like driving, sitting, or walking may become difficult. Soiling of clothes is common causing embarrassment to the sufferer. Check out these bleeding hemorrhoids pictures:

Bleeding hemorrhoids Bleeding hemroids Inside bleeding External bleeding hemorrhoids
Bleeding hemorrhoids Bleeding hemroids Inside bleeding External bleeding hemorrhoids

Treatment of bleeding hemorrhoids

Certain lifestyle and dietary changes are crucial for treatment of bleeding hemorrhoids. You may adopt certain traditional homely remedies for stool softening which will pave way for treating hemorrhoids. These are:

  • Apple cider vinegar: When consumed after breakfast, and dinner, this particular concoction helps to regulate digestion, strengthening the liver, and in the process building a strong system
  • Grape seed oil: This is essentially full of vitamins effective in increasing the immunity level of the body and gradually reduction in bleeding

Certain exercises like a twenty minutes brisk walk along with practicing yoga will help in improving the digestive system. This will ultimately help in tackling the menace of hemorrhoids. Do not ever postpone going to the toilet for defecating when there is the need. If the fecal matters remain too long inside the large intestine, stool turns harder and drier. This will result in your putting undue pressure on the lower regions to get the stool out.

For effectively stopping of bleeding hemorrhoids, keeping your anus dry and clean are of utmost importance. Use natural products for cleansing, preferably plain water. Soak in excess water through a gentle towel. Rubbing hard or scratching must be avoided at any cost. Hemorrhoids will only get worsened this way.

Increased fiber intake as well as consumption of more fluids will go a long way in reducing constipation and thereby coping with hemorrhoids. Avoidance of caffeine and alcohol and leading a healthy lifestyle is definitely effective in hemorrhoids treatment.

Bleeding hemorrhoids are sometimes treated with creams, gels, and suppositories. These are generally effective in treating the irritation and discomforts associated with hemorrhoids instead of curing the condition.

Astringents like witch hazel or aloe Vera juice can be effectively applied on a clean cotton ball or a pad to dry as well as disinfect the region of external hemorrhoidal bleeding. This is useful in not only stopping the bleeding but also inhibiting any bacterial growth. You may also choose a hemorrhoidal cream to cope with external bleeding hemorrhoids. These creams for topical application may contain an astringent, a vasoconstrictor, and a local anesthetic.

Certain surgical procedures are also taken resort to when other lines of treatment fail. These are:

  • Injection sclerotherapy: This refers to injection of a type of chemical solution near the vessels for shrinkage of the hemorrhoids
  • Rubber Band Ligation: This procedure involves placing of a rubber band close to the hemorrhoid's base within the lower intestine. This band is effective in cutting off blood circulation to the hemorrhoid causing it to wither away
  • Hemorroidectomy: Severity in conditions of either external or internal hemorrhoids call for this surgical procedure
  • Infrared photocoagulation: Infrared light is directed on the hemorrhoid's base. This results in clotting, shriveling, and receding of the hemorrhoid

All said and done, early diagnoses and treatment of bleeding hemorrhoids (using our hemorrhoid pictures above) are of foremost importance since the condition is known to mask many serious disorders.