Hemorrhoids Pictures

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Hemorrhoids Pictures
Hemorrhoids Pictures

Hemorrhoids are also referred to as "piles" or varicose veins in the lower intestine. This is a condition in which clumps, "cushions"or masses of tissue form along the lower intestine passage. Hemorrhoids consist of tissues with elastic fibers and muscles with swelling blood vessels. These are usual parts of the anal passage, but complications arise when the veins excessively swell and burst on account of inflammation. About 4.4 percentage of the total population in United States suffer from hemorrhoids.

Lack of dietary fiber intake as well as less of water consumption can cause constipation. Constipation is one of the leading causes of hemorrhoids. Lifting of heavy weights, pregnancy, childbirth, diarrhea, constant sitting, and excessive coughing are also known to put additional pressure on the lower intestine area leading to stretching and bulging of the veins. This ultimately leads to the veins becoming ruptured.

Prevention of hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids can be prevented by avoiding constipation which causes straining during bowel movements leading to veins rupture. Some of the following lifestyle and diet changes can help in prevention and treatment of hemorrhoids.

  • Inclusion of a great deal of fiber.
  • Drinking enough fluids or water, about six to eight glasses everyday.
  • Regular exercising.
  • Prevent straining in order to pass bowels or sitting for a long time period in the toilet.
  • Using smooth and gentle wipes or pads for cleaning after every bowel movement.
  • Avoid sitting anywhere for a long, continuous period.
  • Lifting of heavy weights should also be avoided.
Constipation Hemorrhoids Piles Hemroids
Constipation Hemorrhoids Piles Hemroids

Surgical procedures are generally resorted to when these natural measures, and oral or medicines for application fail to bring in effective results.